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In the entire humanity it is almost impossible to have any human being who is humane, kind and gifted with human and ethical values, but at the same time insensible of the suffering, impoverished and marginalized masses who are living a life which virtually borders on animal existence. There are people whose hearts bleed and pain at seeing how poor & down-trodden masses are living unexplainable wrenched life and how they are being denuded of their dignity, means and resources and rendered almost sub-humans all in the name of modernization and development.
So far as our valley of breathtaking natural beauty is concerned - about which once the great revolutionary poet said, "Kashmir is the paradise on earth", has become a place of tragedies and misfortune as we and entire world knows. The inconceivable inhuman tragedy have been perpetrated and witnessed. The spilling of the human blood pass off as if nothing has happened means for sustaining life itself has taken a severe damage that people at large barley manage to have two meals a day. Hunger, Impoverishment and resourcelesnes have embraced the innumerable people into voice of ever-tightening grip which is threatening to squeeze out even the last breath of life from them.
This is not the end of the tragedy. The dictum that, "misfortune does not come alone," There are tens of thousands who have seen their only bread earning members of the family getting killed; or getting picked up and then not being heard of. or becoming disabled by some fatal ailments or finding them to have landed up in hardship . These tragedies have left their families in the pitch and dazed their senses as to how to pick up the pieces of the broken and shattered life and move on in life ahead. The atmosphere of tragedies, hopelessness, fear and lake of resources to sustain life has also taken its tool on the godforsaken people as they have become the victims of various psychological diseases and disorders. The psychological disorders have given birth to various ailments of heart and stomach. One can access the various website of the NGO's which are working in the conflict zones and in the study conducted it if found that more than 75% of the population has become the victim of various ailments and the percentage is ever increasing. Meanwhile amazingly due to an alarming raise of fatal diseases like Cancer, Kidney failure and diabetes in the valley, which was also reported as main story in the leading dailies of J &K and for which the noted doctors have also sounded an alarm bells and the fact and figures given by are quite disturbing.
The people who suffer from these breaded disease are forded to even sell off there priciest positions at throwaway prices for medical treatments. The commercialization of the health sector has virtually left the poor people high and dry in their crices. In theses grim and tired circumstances Ath'rout has been rendering every type of assistance on medical and economic and human friends in the true spirit of Islam so as to elevate the adverse conditions which have befallen to the woeful people at large with all the poor and meager resources which are at its disposal. Our guiding light for doing this is Quaranic verse "one who saves a single life is as if he has saved the whole humanity." So come and join our efforts let's wipe off every tear from every human eye